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About Tammy

A small-town Kentucky Photographer (I'm located 20 minutes from London KY in Jackson Co.), wife, mother of four (two girls and two boys), Occupational Therapist by Day, and Photoshop Nerd by Night. 

I long for Summer 365 days a year.  I love puppies and happy endings.  I love to cook, but I love to eat more.  I am happiest at home, snuggling with my babies, and watching Netflix.  Did I mention I love babies and Happy Endings???

Hey, Beautiful You!
I'm Tammy, a Portrait Photographer with a healthy obsession with Photoshop, and a Knack for Swaddling babies.

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I am really no different than you.  I want to make crazy beautiful memories with the people I love, and I want to remember them as long as I can.  So, here I sit with a camera always within arms reach ready to catch a moment worth eternalizing.
Life just moves so fast, doesn't it?  The clock is always ticking.  The calendar pages are always flipping forward and falling to the floor, but not a photograph.  A photograph will take you back.  It will transport you to a time otherwise lost.
Let me be the one to give you that gift!

I am More than just a girl with a camera.  I am a memory Keeper slash Time Traveler slash Light Seeker slash Baby Whisperer and hopefully the right photographer for you .

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do
-Andy Warhol.

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When our memory fails us,
all we have
left are our Photographs.

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Sweet Babies


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Babies are my Jam.   I love every little detail of a newborn babe, from their teeny, tiny fingers right down to their teeny, tiny piggies.  I love how they look all old and wrinkly, but feel brand new.  I love how they smell like fresh sheets and old milk.  I love how they make you feel; like every little thing is right with the world.  I simply love babies, and I love capturing all those sweet little details with my camera.  My love for these sweet little babies shines through in every image I create.  They are my heart <3.

There is nothing more timeless than a Classic Portrait.  Aside from my work with newborns, nothing gives me more pleasure professionally, than creating Portraiture that can be passed down in families from generation to generation.  
It is my mission to get to know you, your family, your loved one, in the present, capture them in this very moment, so they can be remembered long into the future, just as they are now.

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